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We stand for reliable, efficient and customer-oriented disposal of metals, scrap metal and much more. As a family-owned company with roots in Harsewinkel, it is our mission to dispose of waste and accumulating materials in a professional and environmentally friendly manner for the benefit of people and the environment. Thus, we are always one step ahead of the standard in our industry.


We are specialized

Our company

We are specialized in demolition and disposal concepts, metal and scrap trade and waste concepts for the industry, as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises.

As a competent partner around these topics, we take care of your request in a customer-specific and appropriate way.

Without a 
clean Environment 
it does not work.

Life is only possible in harmony with the environment! We have it in our own hands. The first commandment is: Avoid waste instead of causing it! For this reason, everyone should try to minimize the produced waste. In all other cases we are by your side as a certified waste management company according to ISO9001 and end-of-life vehicle dismantling company.



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