Our company

Our company

For years, Amsbeck Entsorgungskonzepte GmbH has been involved in the proper disposal of waste and the metal/scrap trade as a family-run, medium-sized company.

With our 12 trucks, we achieve an annual turnover of around 75000 tonnes of scrap and metal. In addition, we have established ourselves as a reliable car dismantling company.

35 employees work in our certified waste management company according to ISO9001 and this strong team is responsible for organising the various work processes in the best possible way so that the disposal works efficiently, reliably and sustainably.

In order to record all the waste that is generated, everyone has the opportunity to get advice from our staff by telephone or even on site. Ultimately, we are proud to be able to offer an adequate disposal solution for almost every type of waste.

We are specialised in:

  • Metal/scrap trade
  • Waste disposal
  • Car dismantling
  • Metalworking industry
  • Demolitions
  • Container service
  • Waste concepts for industry
  • Waste concepts for small and medium-sized enterprises

Without a 
clean Environment 
it does not work.

Life is only possible in harmony with the environment! We have it in our own hands. The first commandment is: Avoid waste instead of causing it! For this reason, everyone should try to minimize the produced waste. In all other cases we are by your side as a certified waste management company according to ISO9001 and end-of-life vehicle dismantling company.